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What happens if I fail to make my subscription payment?

What happens if I fail to make my subscription payment?

If you decide to stop paying for your plan, your website will be unpublished and the domain will be disconnected 5 days after your subscription expires.

After your subscription expires, your Tilda web projects will be stored for 6 moths. After this, you will need to either renew your paid subscription or switch to the Free plan, otherwise project will be deleted.

The Free plan comes with the following restrictions:

  • Your custom domain will be disconnected as this is a paid feature.
  • Data capture services will be disabled (leads will be stored for a limited time only).
  • Limited access to the Blocks library.
  • If you added code to blocks T123 or T868 from the "Other" category, it will be disabled.
  • Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica will be disabled (you will only have access to limited site statistics in your website settings).
  • You won't be able to change the Head tag content. 
  • You will lose access to the Webmaster's panel.
  • Payment systems will be disconnected.
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