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How do I create a pop-up window?

How do I create a pop-up window?

A pop-up is a small window that appears without any request in the foreground of a web page in your browser. It is mainly used to capture visitors' attention. You can find pop-up blocks in the "Form and button" and "Social networks" categories in the blocks library.

Tilda supports several types of pop-ups. They can be triggered by various visitor's actions: clicking a link, scrolling, spending a certain amount of time on page or leaving a page.

To make a pop-up appear on click:

  1. Add a pop-up block to your page.
  2. Copy the block's trigger webhook that looks like this: #popup:subscribe. Each pop-up window has a unique webhook.
  3. Paste the trigger webhook link into your "Button" or "Menu".
  4. Publish, then check the page for errors.

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