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How do I improve SEO for my website?

How do I improve SEO for my website?

Read our guide to SEO:

If your website has been indexed but does not appear on top of the search results, it needs to be optimized.

More about SEO with Tilda:

All websites created on Tilda are automatically well indexed by search engines due to the sequential arrangement of the code blocks: the code used in Tilda is clear and does not contain redundant entries. Secondly, Tilda offers the following bunch of tools and features that makes the SEO more effective:

Tech features:

  • Title tags, meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Clear address for each page of the site.
  • Optimization for Facebook.
  • H1, H2 and H3 header tags.
  • Alt text for images (alt).
  • "sitemap.xml" is created automatically.
  • "robots.txt" is generated automatically.

Tools that make visitors explore the webpage better (increase time-on-site, page views, reduce bounce rate):

  • Adaptability for all devices.
  • High download speed.
  • 404 error page.
  • 301 redirects.
  • Favicon.

Tilda Webmaster panel. This tool shows you what errors are affecting the indexing of the site and provides custom recommendations for each page.

Tilda offers a complete selection of SEO tools, the result and effectiveness, however, depends on the uniqueness of your content, proper links management and your SEO specialist.

Check this guide to SEO optimization from Tilda:

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